GJ ToughLam hi-performance laminated glass range is ideal for feature staircases, internal and external balustrades and walkways in retail, commercial and residential applications.

G.James ToughLam FLOOR

GJ ToughLam FLOOR provides a stylish, low maintenance and safe alternative to traditional flooring systems. Ideal for use in feature staircases, internal and external walkways, display areas and retail fit outs. It can be used to brighten interiors with natural daylight through several floors of a building.

GJ ToughLam FLOOR is a high-end laminated product that encompasses all the physical design elements required in heavy trafficable areas combined with a range of standard or custom non-slip surface graphic designs for both practical and aesthetic considerations.

G.James ToughLam FLOOR

Hi-performance laminated glass engineered for smart solutions to staircases, balustrades and flooring.

G.James ToughLam hi-performance laminated glass provides superior safety, security and structural integrity.


  • Safety and security
  • Stylish and low maintenance
  • Custom made to meet your individual requirements
  • Range of non slip patterns available


  • Superior performance
  • Short supply time
  • Superior strength
  • Available throughout Australia


  • Internal and external walkways
  • Staircases
  • Balustrades
  • Entries and foyers
  • Retail fit outs
  • Flooring
  • Residential and commercial buildings

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