G.James ToughLam hi-performance laminated glass provides superior safety, security and structural integrity on your next project.

With ever increasing demands for innovative design in retail, commercial and residential environments, the benefits of high performance laminated glass has become a vital component in applications such as skylights, overhead glazing, balustrades, swimming pool enclosures, custom windows and glass fins.

GJ ToughLam hi-performance laminated glass enables architects and designers to maximise innovations across commercial and residential markets delivering the very best in safety, security, solar and UV light control.


GJ ToughLam is ideal for custom windows, balustrades, pool fences, skylights, overhead glazing and glass fins, enabling architects and designers to maximise innovations in retail, commercial and residential projects.


In vertical or sloped overhead applications, GJ ToughLam can resist penetration from accidental impact. Being up to 2½ times stronger than normal laminated glass GJ ToughLam can resist much higher loads.
If the glass is broken, the glass fragments adhere to the tough plastic interlayer and are retained in place.
GJ ToughLam provides safety from contact with broken or falling glass, or bodily injury by falling through the glass.
GJ ToughLam is the ideal choice for sloped overhead applications.

Standard laminated glass provides resistance to penetration from physical attack. By increasing the thickness of the interlayer and its strength, or by using multiple layers of strengthened glass, GJ ToughLam can be specified for specialist security applications.
Bullet and bomb resistant glasses are also available as specialised G.James products.

GJ ToughLam can be specified with a specially developed acoustic interlayer for enhanced noise reduction, achieved by providing noise dampening compared with the same thickness of standard glass.

The PVB interlayer used in GJ ToughLam eliminates 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. When incorporated with solar control glass, fading can be significantly reduced compared to normal glass.

GJ ToughLam can be enginreered with a wide range of solar control glass and interlayers to provide glare and Solar Heat Gain reductions and can be customised for the ideal balance between daylight solar control and thermal insulation.
Further shading can be incorporated with the addition of printed images or patterns.

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